5 Star Speaker Reviews

“Look out for Stephen Simpson TEDx talk as well as his literature. If you ever get the opportunity to see him grasp it with both hands, an inspirational speaker that I’ve had the joy to hear.”

“This was my 1st “Funzing Talks” experience and I absolutely loved it! I was so impressed by Dr Stephen Simpson personality and the quality of the contents presented during his talk. He is such a wonderful person. Will definitely look forward to do the next one. Joanna.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this talk and was gripped from start to finish. Very interesting and thought provoking about the human mind. I’m very keen to go to this talk again as there was so much to take in. I can 100% recommend.”

“Useful Insights from a highly experienced professional. “

“Found the evening very inspiring.”

“great talk and a nice touch with the extended q & a”

“First Funzing event & thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought Stephen was very good. Some of the content didn’t come as a surprise but certainly changed my thinking in other areas. Looking forward to the new book coming out.”

“Very good night.”

“Very interesting and motivatonal. I’d like to see him again!”

“A tidal wave of wisdom.”

“Hi Stephen, thank you for the talk myself and Justine really enjoyed it. Really great concept, and interesting to understand the power of “luck”. I will definitely be reading your books!
Only other bit of feedback is that it would be great if there were secondary sessions which delved a bit deeper, as It felt quite high level, but understand the importance of context and setting the scene.”

“Great insight talk. Thank you Stephen!”

“Stephen is a very genuine presenter, I found it extremely authentic. I think the discussion was maybe a little light in terms of power point slides, compared to other Funzing talks from similar professionals. I would have preferred a few more slides. The last minute change in location probably caused issues also with the presentation visuals, as their was a smaller screen available. However, the Books which Stephen wrote, are extremely simple and easy to understand. I find them very good.”

“Really fascinating talk!”

“Really interesting talk, would definitely recommend. Whatever you believe in there is a lot that makes sense regardless.”

“Loved the talk. Dr Simpson has a calming and soothing voice and attitude.
Thank you Dr Simpson.”

“Enjoyed the talk, really relaxed atmosphere, especially the QA at the end where Stephen gave really meaningful and insightful answers.”

“Very informative and relaxing.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed your talk. You made some excellent points.”