Bioresonance therapy – fact or fiction?

Bioresonance therapy – fact or fiction?

Energy medicine, sometimes known as bioresonance therapy, is generating a lot of traction. Particularly with people who have serious illnesses that are not responding to conventional treatment. If this is you, or someone you know, you owe it to yourself to read on, not least because it is becoming increasingly important in my work too.

I have always been fascinated by the miracles of the human body. As I get older I’m also increasingly fascinated by the power of our mind. If our head is in the right place our body follows.

There are also plenty of people who do think that they have been helped by bioresonance therapy. TV celebrity Noel Edmonds is one of them.

Noel was interviewed on television to justify some of his recent comments about energy medicine, and remained unrepentant. He believed that he had been cured of prostate cancer, and this robust interview has already been downloaded over 285,000 times on YouTube.

I must have inherited a maverick gene from somewhere because I have always sought out unconventional answers to common problems. I probably wasted thousands of hours pursuing dead-end theories. However in the process I have also uncovered priceless jewels unearthed from ancient philosophers and traditional medicine.

The conclusion I reached is that energy is the magic glue that binds together all of our incredible life support systems. When the right amount of energy is in the right place at the right time the body can heal itself, and do many other magical things too.

The latest therapy to add to the long list of other alternative or complementary therapies I have studied is bioresonance therapy, and it just might be the most important.


Resonance is a fundamental concept of nature. Hang two pendulum clocks from the same beam and sooner or later the pendulums will synchronise. A vibrating tuning fork will cause an adjacent tuning fork of the same frequency to vibrate too. If quantum theory is to be believed an oscillating subatomic particle can cause an identical oscillation in a particle on the other side of the world. Far too complicated for me to explain.

Bioresonance therapy is not much easier to explain either. The theory is that every cell in our body has its own electromagnetic frequency. An American inventor named Royal Rife constructed machines that could fire such frequencies into a human body, and measure abnormal readings by their resonant frequencies. Then he would bring these abnormal frequencies back to normal range by passing these same frequencies back into the body using minute electrical signals. Similar machines are still in use, although the benefits of using them remain controversial.

Royal Rife died a penniless and bitter person, convinced that the American Medical Association establishment had ruined his career. Supporters of bioresonance therapy publish long lists of medical conditions that have been successfully treated, and conspiracy theories abound too. Some of these diseases I have never heard of, let alone treated. Yet on the other hand eminent scientists dismiss bioresonance therapy as nothing less than fraudulent quackery.

So what is the truth?

I have searched for robust evidence of therapeutic benefit, and have found none that would satisfy the experts. The subject of medical research is itself contentious. At least two editors of prestigious international medical journals remain deeply concerned about the independence and quality of much current scientific research.

What about the dangers of bioresonance therapy? The most significant danger is that some patients have been persuaded to cancel conventional medical treatment for serious conditions such as cancer, and have died prematurely as a result. I certainly do not support this approach. The cure rates of conventional medicine for many illnesses continue to improve, which is why I practice complementary, and not alternative therapies.

What do I think?

As a maverick I still firmly believe that we should keep an open mind as long as we do no harm. I have benefited massively from alternative and complementary therapies for conditions that did not respond to conventional medical treatment. So have many of my clients.

I have purchased my own bioresonance frequency generator and use it daily, and will continue to do so. I am starting to use it with my clients and early results have been extremely promising. I will continue to do so and would like to offer this service to more people. If you are able to travel to my clinic in Harley Street, London, please contact me by email, and I will be delighted to share more details with you.