Get Lucky Now!

The seven secrets of lucky people


Some people are just lucky.

Everyone wants to be lucky, but most think it’s impossible that they ever will. In his latest book best-selling author Dr. Stephen Simpson begs to differ—in Get Lucky Now!, he reveals seven secrets that, when followed, lead to abundant health, wealth, and happiness.

The process begins with clearly identifying your goals and determining what you truly want from life. As you learn how to sift through your inner chaos and look at yourself and your life with new eyes, you will also start to recognize the opportunities that are all around you.

Building on theories by Carl Jung and Albert Einstein, Dr. Simpson presents several surprisingly simple strategies that help you quiet the clamor of today’s information onslaught and focus on what’s most important at any given moment so that when luck comes your way—and it will—you don’t miss it.

If you’re trying to figure out your next step, Get Lucky Now! can help you open the door to good fortune and set you on the path to becoming one of the lucky ones.

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Reviews of Get Lucky Now!

Personally I think it is a winner!
Paul McKenna, Best Selling Author & Presenter
The great thing with this book is that the majority of ...,

Dr. Simpson brings forth a distinct idea to focus on luck in preference to attraction. We are all familiar with the idea of being lucky, or not being able to draw luck to us. Due to the Law of Attraction drawing so much attention these last few years we have to face the fact that for those who are unable to change their life around this subject it also brought with it much skepticism. However, Get Lucky Now gives the meaning a rather different slant to those that seem to be lucky. The great thing with this book is that the majority of people can resonate easily with luck in comparison to the Law of Attraction.
Dr. Simpson draws on a relatively simple pathway to connect the dots through years of study of the conscious mind and “Lucky people” He dips into the lucky pot with simple to follow tasks that introduce ideas we may not have thought about prior. This is applied throughout the book under the umbrella of “secret” projections with action points to follow at the end of each chapter. In the “fifth secret” he discloses three incredible results from his research which I found alone was worth the price of the book for those that need what he describes as weapons of amoury which are very helpful and seems to be very powerful if used right.

This book overflows with ideas to help change the neurochemical wiring in the deep part of the brain through confidence building, vivid visualization, and mindfulness amongst so much more. Is humorous explanations help digest these ideas very well.
Doctor Stephen Simpson has worked with a lot of enlightened people and has impressive credentials to boot. I have written on these subjects myself and therefore have read hundreds of these books. I can say that this book is certainly worth the read if you want to go in another direction, one which can change your luck.

Pamela Hamilton Read Full Review on Amazon
Editorial Letter

The main objective of the book is to provide tools and tips to become healthier, wealthier, and happier. As the author intends, this is “an easy-to-read exploration of luck.”

The tone of the book is casual and hopeful. It is also very informative. This combination allows the readers grasp the content, learn from it, and eventually feel hopeful of being able to get lucky. The tone is consistent throughout and gives readers a feeling that they are in a workshop. The reader will end the book feeling motivated and confident.

You have succeeded in your aim to simplify the concepts and retain your academic credibility as well. Your efforts at avoiding long words and keeping the sentences and paragraphs short have lent this book easy readability.

Meera, CreateSpace Editor
Editorial Letter

! I truly enjoyed this self-help book, and I plan to put many of your suggestions to good use myself! The thesis of your book is well developed and will function as a wonderful reference for people who want to let go of the day-to-day stresses of normal life and achieve success and peace through the harnessing of luck and their own innate ability to think positively.

The general tone was uplifting and encouraging; I feel that readers will come away from this book thinking, “I can do this,” and that they will feel optimistic and confident about their own efforts to “get lucky now.”

Leslie, CreateSpace Editor
Editorial Letter

This book is brimming with energy and enthusiasm, and readers will very much appreciate the book’s perspective. From a copyediting perspective, the book was already in excellent shape. There were very few grammatical errors or other problems. The sentences were properly and smartly structured, the points were coherently presented, and the narrative flowed well.

Jeffrey, CreateSpace Editor
Don't leave luck to chance

I was lucky enough (haha) to attend a workshop a few years ago. Steve Simpson was giving a talk about Success and the reasons why some people seem to achieve success quite easily in their lives and others do not. I don’t think he’d quite planned to focus simply on the idea of ‘luck’, but he followed the mood in the room and what happened next sent shivers down my spine and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I was not alone. His calm, relaxed and genial story-telling style cleverly disguised the true magic that took place that day. Many of us left the room scratching our heads wondering on earth had just happened. For whilst we couldn’t quite put our fingers on it, we could tell that a ‘shift’ had taken place. And surprise, surprise, ‘lucky’ things happened to so many of us after that.

I am so pleased that Steve has now been able to crystallise his teachings and package them up in this book so everyone – lucky and not so lucky – can benefit from his expertise, analysis and study of the subject. Beautifully written in hypnotic language, you’ll be able to casually read it on a tube train and the ‘magic’ will start working on you whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. I highly recommend you read it, rather than simply leaving your luck to chance.

Alicia Eaton Read Full Review on Amazon
Thanks for the tips!

I really loved reading this book and love how everything is broken down into bitesize chunks that I can apply to my everyday life. Looking forward to more luck!

Elizabeth Read Full Review on Amazon