Play Magic Golf

How to use self-hypnosis, meditation, Zen, universal laws, quantum energy, and the latest psychological and NLP techniques to be a better golfer


Frustrated by golf?

Golf is a mind game. Prepare for a magical journey at the speed of light to steal from the world of hypnosis, meditation, Zen, NLP, universal laws, and quantum energy. You are guaranteed to be a better golfer, and will enjoy more confidence off the course too. Non-golfers have used these tools to create richness in their lives too. Dr. Simpson’s methods have been used successfully by tour players, and helped them win tournaments, as well as by club golfers of all ability levels.

Almost all the top players have mind coaches, and recognise the critical role they have played in their success. Mind coaching is not for those who lack mental strength; it is for those who have already proven their resilience in golf, or in any other area of their life.

Successful people are not afraid to discover just how much higher they can climb. Before you commit to discovering just how far you can take your game, ask yourself:

  • Am I really ready to experiment with new ideas, knowing they have worked for others?
  • Am I frustrated that I do not have more to show for my efforts so far? –
  • Am I ready to say ‘Enough is enough, it is time for something different?

This is the third edition of Play Magic Golf, and builds on the successes of the first two editions, and the feedback and results obtained by its readers.

Reviews of Play Magic Golf

Quite simply indispensable

Anyone expecting an esoteric, jargon filled, long winded epic on Neuro-linguistic Programming, quantum psychology, self-hypnosis and Zen will probably be bitterly disappointed by Dr Simpson’s `Play Magic Golf’. Conversely any golfer wishing to discover an almost guaranteed way of improving their game or any sports psychologist looking for a beautifully simple synthesis of `flow’ and quantum psychology ready packaged in a user-friendly format for their clients may find this to be indispensable.

In a field that is beset by often impenetrable psycho-babble Dr Simpson’s gently humorous and plain speaking style is a breath of fresh air. I found the book quite addictive and read it in just one sitting. Like the best guilty pleasures I was left exquisitely dissatisfied and yearning for more. I am hoping a follow up will soon by on its way. Rumour is I may be not be disappointed.

Considering the quality of the content, the reputation of the author and the low price point I would expect this book to be sold in quite some volume. So don’t be surprised if your golfing peers soon `mysteriously’ start to improve their game in leaps and bounds. It might be an idea to level the playing field, no?

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Great read

A short and enjoyable read full of psychological interest and insight for the golfer who’d like to get his mind into a place where better golf might just result. I found the sections on using the creative right brain, self-hypnosis and Zen particularly useful. (Also see ZEN GOLF by Joseph Parent for a fuller treatment.)

This book is not a replacement for proper physical practice and training. There’s little point in pondering the complexities of quantum physics if you can’t make decent contact with the ball, but for those of us who have been playing for a while and struggling with self-destructive thoughts and doubt this book is very worthwhile. Changing bad habits is extremely difficult but not impossible if you can get your head around new concepts.

If you like reading Bob Rotella, Timothy Gallwey or Steven Pressfield you’ll like this. Some of it is pretty out there it’s true, but if you want to play magic golf you have to believe in the possibilities of magic. As in golf, so in life.

The author is very accessible via the contact e-mail given at the end of the book, and likes to hear from his readers. There’s also a monthly newsletter full of great tips and advice.

Give it a go. Even if it doesn’t reduce your handicap you’ll have lots to think about while searching for your ball.

Jimifan1970 Read Full Review on Amazon
A new way to improve your golf

I have played golf for about 17 years and have spent a lot of time on the driving range trying fof the perfect swing, i would not say that this time has been wasted but you only gain so much by doing this. after a while you find that it is your mental state that can change your score. i have found that dr steve simpson,s idea.s are one of the best on the market and also one of the cheapest.

Andy Read Full Review on Amazon
Useful for any 'mind' sports

Although a bit on the thin side this book is full of useful tips and techniques. It is applicable to any ‘mind’ sports not just golf.

JodT Read Full Review on Amazon
Inspirational and Informative

I have just finished reading your book and I am a believer in Zen, meditation and visualization. I found your book to be very inspiring and informative in all areas. I am a lover of the golf game and truly want to improve my score. My present handicap is 22 and of course this varies during the year. I will relax more and enjoy the game more by not thinking so hard and hopefully I’ll have more fun with friends and game. Thank you for sharing your experiences and encouragement with anyone who will take the time to read or listen. Evelyn Lansden

Evelyn Read Full Review on Amazon
This has changed my approach to golf

Excellent book that has helped me become a happier golfer. I am hoping that, come the spring, it will also shave some shots off my handicap. The second half contains all the practical, useful stuff, so stay with it!

John Read Full Review on Amazon

I loved reading this book….it’s helped my golf no end….I’ve come down from a 28 handicap to 16 in 12 months all through adopting the advice from this book…..can thoroughly recommend it!

Jenny Smith Read Full Review on Amazon
Great Book

Read and all so play the CD regularly. Soothing, level headed advise, these series of books has charged my temperament on course , personal and business life.

Chris Moulton Read Full Review on Amazon
Good book useful and food for thought

A good book with some interesting ideas, which need to be digested and worked with. Don’t just read it and put it away.I see it as work in progress, shame the snow has stopped us playing golf.

Lady Golfer Read Full Review on Amazon
Very interesting

Very interesting discussion of left-right brain relationships in golf. Described me to a tee! Looking forward to re-reading it and taking notes.

Amazon Customer Read Full Review on Amazon
Excellent Read

I have never played golf however found the gems hidden in this book very useful – I especially like the suggested writing down of 3 nuggets at the end of each chapter! I have read a few of Stephen’s books now and found that this one really made a few concepts click for me!

Helen Gleeson Read Full Review on Amazon
Five Stars!

Dr Roger Paul Read Full Review on Amazon
Bed Reading

a very new approach in a field of 000’s of books- I keep beside bed – my golf has improved

Roy Lawrence Read Full Review on Amazon
Easy to follow and helps with day to day hassle's.

Easy to follow book that will be a perfect gift for all my friends and family that play golf and other stress inducing sports, but I can see how it will help people with stressful jobs too – I found several of the methods useful for my day to day hassles with my newborn. Entertaining and enjoyable to read too.

Time Pal Read Full Review on Amazon