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Poker is a game of luck and skill, and fortunately luck is not entirely random.



Poker is a game of luck and skill.

Fortunately luck is not entirely random, and can be nurtured. Poker Genius tackles the luck side of the game, helping elite players like Chris Moorman, Liv Boeree, Rory Brown, amateurs and even beginners gain the mind secrets they need to make the most of their luck, and play more like champions, every time.

Chris, known as Moorman1 online, now sits as the most accomplished online poker player of all-time, becoming first player ever to achieve the $13 Million milestone in lifetime online tournament winnings on PocketFives.

Foreword by Chris Moorman

Stephen and I talked about what I wanted to achieve in life both in and outside of poker. He mentioned that I needed to find ‘the zone’ while playing and if I could do that then good things would happen for me. The key to finding ‘the zone’ was to be solely focused on poker whilst playing but equally important was also to be working on myself as a person outside of poker and to set myself targets consistently.

“It is worth noting that I went on to win my first ever live major at the WPT just weeks after my final meeting with Stephen”

Foreword by Chris Moorman

Reviews of Poker Genius

Poker Genius

Every poker player prays for that perfect hand, but it rarely comes.

Instead, the best poker players know how to identify when their luck has turned and how to make the most of every moment. This mind-set is essential for poker and other tournament champions. But how do you develop the mental control to play poker with foresight and clarity?

In Poker Genius, you can learn from a mind coach who’s worked with some of the world’s most renowned poker champions, including Chris Moorman, the author of the book’s foreword. Dr. Stephen Simpson has spent his career helping players cultivate the mental abilities needed to win. Using science, psychology, and philosophy, he has created techniques to maximize a player’s luck, confidence, and skill.

Dr. Simpson is now sharing his seven secrets of success with readers! In Poker Genius, he explains the secrets in detail and includes review questions designed to help you retain knowledge and tailor the techniques to fit your goals and abilities.

With the assistance of this intuitive, easy guide, readers of all levels, from novice to professional, can become better, more focused poker players.

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Editorial Letter

I believe this book is informative and very positive too. It’s full of practical steps and is also inspiring and energizing. Plus it will give readers hope that they’ll develop some important skills and increase their luck at

the poker tables. As you mentioned yourself, many of your exercises and tips about skill and luck can translate across professions and vocations. I think your seven secrets will serve your primary audience of poker players well and also help anyone else who reads this book.

Your tone is quite casual and friendly, which suits your audience and topic very well. This, for example, sets a light mood and prepares your readers for some fun: “So is your heater switched on at the moment? If not, where is it hiding right now?”

Deborah, CreateSpace Editor
Editorial Letter

… I think you made it abundantly clear that this book is not a miracle cure but a series of concepts and practical steps that readers can consider and work at if they want to—likely to their benefit and particularly in poker. You were also successful in balancing your statements with relevant examples and simple explanations…

On the whole, I found your ideas not only fascinating but also well considered and communicated, so well done. You set out to essentially help people find success in their personal and professional (poker) lives, and I have no doubt that you will do so.

Keri, CreateSpace Editor
Intutiv, magic and especially doable for results

Intutiv, magic and especially doable for results

Amazing. About life and such a superb road to luck and magic, The Secret and wishes to the Universe are outdated by this, though the author does not like this aspect to put into the front. A true magician of OUR MODERN post Freuden time.

Bernat Bogner Read Full Review on Amazon
Great Book

Doctor, the book is great!

Really, really impressed. Genius is expressed simply.

I’ve already learned from the book that my strategies in poker have been too complicated.

Your book is armour for champions and encouragement for everybody else! Many thanks

Julian Daley
Great Book
Sharon Allen-Woods Read Full Review on Amazon
This will help

My mother plays poker on Fridays at the senior center and she definitely wants to get better and this will help.

Clara Pence Read Full Review on Amazon
Wonderful; Important; Get Some!

This is a terrific book! I actually read it in one sitting today, as I could not put it down. And I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their mental game, and to start going steady with Lady Luck.

Dr. Simpson’s book outlines Seven Secrets of Champion Poker Players in a very clear and readable fashion. These secrets consist of the following:

How to Achieve Your Goals
Inner Confidence
The Three H’s of: Havening, Heartmath, and Hypnosis
The Benefits of Logic
Mind Magic

Each of these terribly important topics are given a separate chapter. And Dr. Simpson includes an extraordinarily useful device in that he suggests the reader record three key action items from each chapter to internalize the important messages of each chapter. In his excellent conclusion, he makes the following bold claim:

“• If you read the whole of this book, then it is possible you will find more luck.
• If you also write down key nuggets and your three action points from each chapter, it is probable you will find more luck.
• If you also remind yourself daily about three action points from each chapter, it is almost certain you will find more luck.
• If you also tell another person about your three action points from each chapter and how you are going to use them, it is almost guaranteed you will find more luck.”

I,for one, believe.

One constructive criticism I would offer is that the chapter on Mind Magic drifts off into some uncharted waters with some discussion of quantum physics. I would suggest this section be flavored a bit with “the Cunning of Reason”, as described by German philosopher Hegel. Other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing. Dr. Simpson is much to be commended for writing and having published this wonderful and important book.

Michael Tozer Read Full Review on Amazon
Five Stars!

Great insight!

Andi Read Full Review on Amazon
Good Read

Seems kind of like a re-write of material he’s already published but catered more to a poker player. Wouldnt go out of my way to buy it if you already have some of his other writings.

aaserve Read Full Review on Amazon

After reading just 3/4 of this book I went on to get my biggest tournament cash to date. I definitely found it helpful. I have finished reading it and plan to coutinue using the skills this book has thought me.

Chris Scott Read Full Review on Amazon