Putting With An Open Mind

Discover how to connect to the vast untapped power of your unconscious mind, and putt like a child again

putting for dough


Putting it simply

Dr. Simpson is a medical specialist and mind coach working with clients on the European Tours and knows  that successful putting depends much more on using effective mind skills than technique.

Dr. Simpson explains his revolutionary methods that you can use immediately to hole more putts, and have a lot more fun too.

Drive for show, and putt for dough. It is a cliche, but nevertheless it is true. The fastest way to bring your handicap down, or make more money on tour, is to shave a few putts from your round.

Even just one would make a huge difference. It is the easiest thing to do, or the hardest, depending on how you think about it, and which part of your brain you are using.

Children are often very good at putting because nobody has told them how difficult it is, or blinded them with technique. There is a lesson there for you too. Adopt the mantra that you will follow your process, and your results will take care of themselves.

In other words if your processes are good more putts will drop, and your statistics will improve as a result. This is the process that you will use to improve your putting stats.

There are only four magic mind secrets to this process. Adopt them and they will open your mind, and as a result you will hole many more putts. Here they are: – Be confident about the line – Be confident about the speed of the green – Be confident in yourself – Be confident to stroke the ball smoothly

This sounds easy, and it certainly can be. The power word that applies to all these four secrets is confidence, and Dr. Simpson’s role is to explain HOW you can increase your confidence in these four critical areas.

In this book he explains in an engaging style the way that your brain works, and unearths a few clues explaining why most people get in their own way, and make putting, and life, a lot more difficult than they should.