Play Magic Golf


Play Magic Golf

Prepare for a magical golf journey at the speed of light to steal from the world of hypnosis, meditation, Zen, NLP, universal laws, and quantum energy. You are guaranteed to be a better golfer, and will enjoy more confidence off the course too.

Non-golfers have used these tools to create richness in their lives too. Dr.Simpson’s methods have been used successfully by tour players, and helped them win tournaments, as well as by club golfers of all ability levels.

Amazon Top Positive Review

Anyone expecting an esoteric, jargon filled, long winded epic on Neuro-linguistic Programming, quantum psychology, self-hypnosis and Zen will probably be bitterly disappointed by Dr Simpson’s `Play Magic Golf’.

Conversely any golfer wishing to discover an almost guaranteed way of improving their game or any sports psychologist looking for a beautifully simple synthesis of `flow’ and quantum psychology ready packaged in a user-friendly format for their clients may find this to be indispensable.

In a field that is beset by often impenetrable psycho-babble Dr Simpson’s gently humorous and plain speaking style is a breath of fresh air. I found the book quite addictive and read it in just one sitting. Like the best guilty pleasures I was left exquisitely dissatisfied and yearning for more. I am hoping a follow up will soon by on its way. Rumour is I may be not be disappointed.

Considering the quality of the content, the reputation of the author and the low price point I would expect this book to be sold in quite some volume. So don’t be surprised if your golfing peers soon `mysteriously’ start to improve their game in leaps and bounds. It might be an idea to level the playing field, no?