Push At Open Doors


Mindfulness for success, health, wealth and happiness.

For decades I’ve studied the habits, processes and behaviours of “lucky” people, and this includes their mindfulness. You know them — maybe you are one. Lucky people have the world at their fingertips, with seemingly endless good fortune, good health and immense happiness.
Things always fall into place for these luck magnets no matter what they do.But in studying these elite thinkers, doers and dreamers, I’ve discovered one important thing: luck isn’t random.
People aren’t born lucky. They don’t find themselves in lucky situations day after day. And they definitely don’t have a leg up on the competition. Lucky people simply know how to harness their inner confidence and unique skill sets to create optimal opportunities for themselves and for others.
Ready to join the luck magnets? Great! Download your PDF file now, and enjoy the ride! Who knows where it might take you?


“What a wonderful book! Dr Steve invites you to take a step off the treadmill of life and give your brain a holiday. Too many of us spend our lives chasing the kind of things we feel we ought to be chasing, without even questioning whether we really want them. Only too late do we discover that what we have in our lives doesn’t make us truly happy. I really liked the idea of there being a ‘series of doors’ that we encounter in life – and once we’re working in tune or in step with our true inner selves, we’ll find ourselves pushing at doors that are easier to open or indeed, are already open to us.

Mindfulness is a great concept but in the busyness of life, it isn’t always an easy state to achieve, which is why I particularly liked Dr Steve’s relaxed, easy style of writing which I found automatically put me into a more peaceful place. Each chapter ends with an invitation to step into the ‘Meditation Booth’ after which you can make a note of 3 Nuggets of inspiration which helps to put you on the path to success.”