Phobias come in many different shapes and sizes. The common morbid fears are fear of spiders, snakes, heights, confined spaces, and crossing bridges.

I often get emails asking for help with these phobias. When I see a client for the first time I explain that I am not interested in anything that comes from their conscious mind. So that they do not take this statement personally I also add that I am even less interested in anything that comes from my conscious mind.

The reason is that a phobia can never be explained by rational thought. It is a distorted memory that lies somewhere in the unconscious mind, probably in the area that is sometimes referred to as the reptile brain. Therefore my therapeutic efforts will be directed primarily to their unconscious mind using my unconscious mind.

I have recently formed the opinion that there are many similarities between a phobia and post traumatic stress disorder. A major difference is that there is usually a very real physical danger that initiated a PTSD. Therefore I use almost identical therapies, the most important of which are deep hypnosis and havening, which is a psychosensory technique.

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