Anjelika Hammar

Dr. Simpson met top young Swedish golfer Anjelika Hammar on a golf course in 2012, and they began working together shortly after.

Anjelika subsequently won a place at Qualifying School. Unfortunately during the tournament she received severe burns to her leg. Despite this injury she continued to play, but did not secure her place on the European Tour.

In 2013 she was more successful, winning a partial card that enabled her to play in several events during the 2014 season. She was clubhouse leader during her first tournament in Amsterdam.

Anjelika won her full card and invitation to the Ladies European Tour in 2015.

“Stephen helped me with my dyslexia. He told me it meant that I was great at visualisation, and that it would be an advantage for my golf. That made me feel so much more positive.

My thoughts about our work together is that you have made my golf game more FUN. Using the creative part of the brain and trying to turn off the logical one.

Nothing is impossible, you just need to put a goal that is your own desire and daily processes to get there. Your subconscious will then work toward that. No doubts !”

Steve filmed on Ladies European Tour, working with Anjelika Hammar – Golfing World TV Channel