Poker Pro Liv Boeree

Poker pro Liv Boeree

Poker Mindset

Poker pro Liv Boeree started working with Dr. Simpson in December 2013 following a recommendation from a mutual friend. By her exceptional standards 2013 had been a lean year, with live event earnings of $51,000.

Boeree’s form returned immediately while working with Dr.Simpson, winning $129,000 in January 2014 alone, including coming 2nd in a major event in Edinburgh. Boeree’s fine form continues, the highlight being a superb performance in Barcelona in August 2015. Her 3rd position finish earned her $449,000.

“Working with Steve on my mindset was revolutionary for my game. His insightful perspectives and easy-to-apply methods completely reinvigorated my love for poker and significantly improved my all-round competitive performance.”

Astrophysicist Liv also combines her demanding schedule of professional player with being a TV presenter and adventurer. In her words,

“I’m Liv: born in the UK, female, brown hair. I’m best known for being a poker player, and am a big lover of science, particularly physics.

I’m pretty obsessed with numbers, games, rationality and sustainability. I’m a big fan of being outside, preferably in wild terrain. I also like to wear odd costumes whenever possible.”