Bioresonance and Rife Frequencies


I’ve received quite a few questions and comments recently about bio resonance, Rife frequencies, and its use it in the treatment of various health conditions. My knowledge of bio resonance is pretty limited and my only experience relates to the time when I worked in a hospital in Kazakhstan with several Russian doctors from 1996 – 1999.

I realised quickly that their medical education was very different to mine. There was an emphasis on electrical and magnetic treatment, and also herbal medicines. They were convinced that their treatments were far superior to mine. I could not agree with them but I did keep an open mind.

An American inventor called Royal Rife experimented with similar electrical equipment. Rife’s theory was that every part of the body had its own resonant frequency. If it was diseased it could be healed my putting back into the body a small electrical current of the same frequency but at higher strength. He claimed great results, but these were not substantiated by the American Medical Association. Indeed he died in 1971 at the age of 83 penniless and full of bitterness, presumably because he did not receive credit for his invention.

However people have continued to be interested in his work. A book was published in 1987 called The Cancer Cure That Worked. As far as I know the cure did not work because once again the experts investigated and found no basis for this pseudoscience. Bio resonance seems to be gaining more traction again, which is presumably why people have asked for my opinions.

I do not have any opinions, but as usual will keep an open mind. The first principle of any treatment is that it causes no harm. Unfortunately this is exactly what has happened. Many people have consulted therapists for bio resonance treatment, with mixed results. Cures were offered for cancer and AIDS, and some individuals stopped their conventional treatment and paid a heavy price for this.

I have been carrying out my experiments. I suffer from hay fever and this has been severe in the past. Spring has just started in Portugal and the trees are full of blossom. Unfortunately my hay fever has returned so I made myself a little audio clip at the recommended Rife frequency and experimented with it. Every time so far my hay fever has disappeared within a few minutes. This could be a placebo effect, wishful thinking, or just the transient nature of hay fever. I do not know.

I would be very interested to know your experiences with bio resonance if you have any. I’m also happy to share my hay fever audio clip with you if you send me an email.

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