Bioresonance Therapy Results – Another Update


I have written a number of articles and published several videos with regard to my interest and fascination with bioresonance therapy. Whilst I intuitively believe in the benefits of this treatment I have never been totally convinced. Indeed many people say that it is a worthless therapy.

However I now have my own equipment and continue to learn more about this subject every day. I promised updates as my experience grows and this is the latest one.

For at least 15 years I have suffered from hay fever and so used various allergy frequencies to see if they would be of any benefit. Whether they work or not is for others to decide. What I can tell you is that this year I’ve had very few problems with hay fever even on very high pollen days.

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  1. Gayle  February 8, 2020 at 6:50 am

    Hello there,
    Thank you for your videos.
    My son had his first bioresonance experience yesterday.
    He has had Q fever,and is awaiting further blood tests in regard to that.
    I am writing to you because it seems that there is so little help for him. He has recurring bouts of fever, fatigue, and feeling sick. This results in depression and anxiety.
    He gets well again for a while, but then it returns. He has undergone many tests, always with a wait of weeks to get results, and has seen many doctors and an infectious diseases specialist. The problem is that all disagree with each other when it comes to treatment. It seems crazy that he does not yet know if he still has Q fever (chronic) or whether something else is causing his symptoms.
    As his Mum, I suffer when he suffers.
    This seemingly impossible search for a cure or even a definitive diagnosis has been going for over 5 months.
    His reaction to the bio machine is one of doubt. The therapist told him that his immune system is next to useless, that he has an inability to deal with heavy metals, but that he responded well to the first treatment. But he came down heavily with fever after.
    (By the way he is 28 yrs old.)
    I have had Mora treatment myself a decade or so a go and it was god for me.
    Have you seen evidence of this treatment helping with immune weakness?
    I don’t understand how he could have heavy metals as he lived most of his life in a pristine place. I guess he could be tested for that by conventional means, which would give the bio-readout credence or not.
    The practitioner has been using the machine for about 2 years. Is that long enough to understand it properly?
    Can the readouts be ambiguous?
    I hope you have time to read this and get back to me.
    Whether you do or don’t, your videos and writing are really worthwhile.
    Good vibrations to you.
    Sincerely Gayle Mildren


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