Happy New Year! What will 2018 bring?

Happy New Year to you!

I imagine that for most of us the new year will be the usual mixture of the good, the bad, and the ugly!

The new year is starting on a good note to me, and fingers crossed will continue so. I have been short listed for “the best personal development coach” at The Best You awards Gala in February, and so far have reached the semi-finals. It is an honour to be proposed by peers and anything more than that will be a huge bonus, but is frankly unlikely.

I also have a major event in the diary and will give more details in due course. And there is another book in the pipeline, which I hope will be published before April. It is going to be a very different kind of book and here is a sneak preview of the draft introduction. I would definitely welcome comments! So here it is……


Thank you for buying this book. If you are reading it for free that is OK with me too. Thanks anyway.

My promise to you, whether you paid for the book or not, is that I am going to give my 100% effort to make you lucky. Not a bit lucky, but a lot lucky. This will not happen unless we both get way out of our comfort zone. It will take magic.

Today is December 27, 2017 and we’re limping slowly towards the end of the year. For many people this is the twilight period between the frantic activities of Christmas and the New Year, which is lurking just around the corner.

The Christmas parties are now over, the presents have been given and received, and many of us would have eaten too much, drunk too much, and not slept enough.

For some it has been a stressful period. Not enough money, too many relatives in too small a space, and no time to call our own. Some people will have fallen sick, some will have injured themselves in car accidents or fights. Some will have fallen in love. Some will have died, some will have been born. It is the whole arc of human experience compressed into just a few short days.

How do I feel right now? And why have I decided to write another book? It is because I feel a failure. I am not going to beat myself up over this, but I think I need to explain why I feel like this. Not to make myself feel any better, but hopefully to save you time on your journey, whatever it might be. I feel a failure because I have broken my main resolution this year. My willpower cracked with only a fews days left in the year, and I have started a new book. Something I said I would never ever do again. How shameful!

The other thing that I should say is that I regard failure as a positive event. If, and this is a big if, if I have learnt something on the way. And I believe I have. I have learnt a lot, which is that why this book is going to be very different.

My clients have been very different too, and some have been hugely successful in many different ways. I want to know why they have been so successful, so that others, and me, may enjoy more success in our lives too. I will share with you two of these examples of unexpected success now. I do not understand how they happened, but I know they are hugely significant.

One concerns my first client in my born-again career who wanted help with her golf. She got it, but I have no idea where this help came from. Three holes-in-one in just three months, and three more since. What would have happened to my new career if my first client, whoever it might have been, had decided to commit suicide? I would almost certainly have quit. In case this sounds fanciful you might be surprised to know that I have emails from golfers who have been driven close to suicide by this pernicious game. Moving on…..

Poker is a card game I previously knew little about, and I do not know too much more about it now. But I do understand numbers, and I know a bit about how our minds work.

I have only worked with a handful of poker players, but they have all achieved stunning results. What did I do to help them? Again I do not know, but I have a few ideas, which I am sure to share with you throughout this book. Because if they can exceed their expectations, then perhaps you can too, and maybe even me too.

In terms of numbers the four players I mentioned earlier earned collectively $413,000 6 months before working with me, and $3,488,000 6 months after working with me. Those are big numbers by any definition, and me, their coach, not being able to explain where this transformation came from is nothing short of ridiculous!

So I feel compelled to try and explain this conundrum, which is why this will be my seventh book. The previous books have all been about how we can explore and use the power of our unconscious mind in different ways. They have been practical. Two of the books have been about golf, one of the books has been about sport, one has been about personal development, one about luck, and the last one was about my work with professional poker players, as I just mentioned.

These books have all been largely well received by readers, and attracted mainly very positive reviews. They all helped at least some people, as they struggled with their challenges, as I know from the emails I receive.

As I finished each book I vowed that it would be my last one. On every occasion I broke my resolution. In other words I am now a serial failure.

Which is good. Because it means I might have learnt something. Because most of the time I do not know what I have learnt, but it does not matter. It is the outcomes that count. I have given a few reasons why I am writing another book, so why will this one be different? Because:

  • It will not be professionally edited. Not because I do not trust editors, but because this book will belong to me and nobody else. Numerous edits will make any book more presentable, but the danger is that the underlying core messages will be thrown out with me, the baby, and the rather muddy bath water.
  • It will not go through numerous grammatical corrections, although on completion I will run the final draft through the standard spelling and grammar software. One of the reasons why I am dubious about the value of ‘grammar’ is that nobody knows what correct grammar is. In other words grammar is a constructed opinion which we all confuse as fact, and nothing could be further from the truth. This universal confusion about how to draw a line between fact and fiction will be an overarching subject of debate throughout this book, and will raise its head many times in the following pages.
  • The words that I use will be the ones that feel right in the moment. Their grammatical construction may well be considered improper, but they will reflect something about me, and how I think. About how it is not only the words that are important but the way these words develop their own meanings, and whether they appeal in some undefined way to the unconscious mind, or not. This ambiguity will be far more important than correct grammatical construction, not least because there is nothing more important than our unconscious mind, and how we use it.
  • The book will be not written in a state of fear. It will not ask questions like, What if nobody likes this? What if I am ridiculed for my ideas? What if I cannot prove some of the controversial statements I make? There will be no fear, because fear causes us to fight, to run away, or just to freeze. None of these options will help any author.

The problem is that these are the kind of questions, and there are many others like them, that surfaced whilst writing my other books. As a result these books became to a large extent books of ideas and quotes from other people, albeit packaged in a way that would hopefully resonate with the reader, and ignite new ideas to explore.

I will do my best to make sure that this book is about truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The problem of course is that nobody knows what the truth is, so the best I can say is that this book will explore what I truly believe to be a collection of thoughts that I have found most helpful in igniting success in others.

I will start where I mean to go on and state that I am writing this book for selfish reasons. I am writing it because I know that to a certain degree my previous books finished where they should have started.

They were books about success and raising our game and they worked for many people, including myself. They provided me with material to use in my coaching programs, to use in my talks, and to use in making my videos. They also made me some money but the most important thing is that they made me think.

Much of my work now is based around the concept of luck, and why I believe that luck is not random. I am not alone. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte only appointed his generals from the small pool of officers he considered lucky. Tennis champion Roger Federer knows that when he is facing defeat he needs a miracle. He needs to find a way to put luck on his side.

My failure was that I wrote and talked about luck from a predominantly research and analytical background. In my book Get Lucky Now I talk about the seven secrets of successful people. I explained that I can guarantee that almost everybody can attract at least a little more luck into their life if they read this book.

The reason I can say this with some confidence is that six of the seven secrets that I wrote about are based on logic and are well proven throughout history.

It is only in the final chapter that I start to feel a little braver. I start to write about some of the results that my clients have enjoyed. The ones that defy logical explanation or conventional arithmetical analysis.

I did not know what to call this chapter, and after much thought settled on one word. Magic.

I gave a few hints of where magic might come from and how we might be able to use it ourselves, but I left most, if not all, of these questions unanswered. Looking back I think I did this for two reasons. First because I did not know the answers, and secondly because I did not wish to be considered either a lunatic or a fraud.

So as a result the book was vanilla, written to some extent to appeal to as many people as possible, and as a result drifted away from the magic that was almost certainly the most important part of it.

This book, my last one (?), is my chance to put the record straight, and say what I really think, knowing that these are still only thoughts. I mentioned earlier that this would be a selfish book, and it will be, because writing is the doing part of thinking. So writing this book will make me think, and some of the thoughts might be painful. These just might be the thoughts that will be the most important for both of us.

This book is also different because, unusually for me, I have no plan. I have no idea how many chapters there will be. I do not even know what the title will be. There are no mind maps, nor are there any pages of scribbled thoughts to guide me. There is nothing apart from my laptop and a microphone. So I’m not even typing. I’m just dictating into a tiny microphone trying to imagine that I’m talking with you right now over a cup of coffee.

I mentioned at the beginning of this introduction that we are limping towards the New Year. In previous years I would have been very excited by this. I would have been looking at last year’s plans and marking my performance. What went well? What were my failures? What will my goals be for 2018?

This year I feel very different. I have already told you I broke one of last year’s resolutions, which was not to write another book. There are no resolutions for next year. Because if I have learnt one thing it is that the best things that have ever happened to me were never on a plan. Or at least not on my plan. So I have leant the hard way that the enemy of the best is the good. Settle for being good, and you will be unlikely to become excellent.

So I find this exciting, but it is a different type of excitement. It is an excitement that leaves all options open, and if even only one of these formless options takes shape and manifests in my life it could easily be the best thing that has ever happened to me, and gift me a great year.

But of course the problem is that none of us really knows what a great year is, or even what constitutes a bad year for that matter.

So if you are confused then all I can say is that I am too. But I do have an overwhelming feeling that there will be something valuable in this book for both of us. It will not come from me, it will come from magic.

This is normally the point at which I would introduce the next chapter, but as you might have guessed I do not have a clue what it will be. So this is enough writing for today and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Keep reading, because you will not win if you do not put yourself in the game! Goodbye for now.

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