Poker Genius

Every poker player prays for that perfect hand, but it rarely comes. Instead, the best poker players know how to identify when their luck has turned and how to make the most of every moment. This mind-set is essential for poker and other tournament champions. But how do you develop the mental control to play poker with foresight and clarity?

In Poker Genius, you can learn from a mind coach who’s worked with some of the world’s most renowned poker champions, including Chris Moorman, the author of the book’s foreword. Dr. Stephen Simpson has spent his career helping players cultivate the mental abilities needed to win. Using science, psychology, and philosophy, he has created techniques to maximize a player’s luck, confidence, and skill. With the assistance of this intuitive, easy guide, readers of all levels, from novice to professional, can become better, more focused poker players.

“Stephen is one of the fastest rising stars in international personal development.” – Paul McKenna

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