‘The Best You’ Feature Articles

Dr. Stephen Simpson is a feature writer for The Best You Magazine.

Here are some of the articles by Dr. Stephen published in The Best You Magazine. Download them in PDF format to view them in the original print format.  Comments and questions are welcomed.

The Time is Now

Usain Bolt

Lewis Hamilton

Danny Capriani

Andy Murray

Roger Federer

Michael Phelps

Chris Moorman

David Beckham

Fernando Alonso

LeBron James

Paula Radcliffe

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The Secret of Andy Murray’s Magic Year

The Secret of Andy Murray’s Magic Year

Murray certainly did do something, because in the last year he has won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics, won his first Grand Slam (US Open), and now Wimbledon. So what has changed? Murray found a new coach, Ivan Lendl, an enigmatic, tough, single-minded former tennis player who won eight grand slams.

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Has F1’s Lewis Hamilton Read My Book?

Has F1’s Lewis Hamilton Read My Book?

Probably not, but judging from his recent comments he easily could have read Push At Open Doors. In an interview with BBC, he talks about his steering wheel, which controls his car. You have a steering wheel too, which controls your life. Perhaps this wheel could also...

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