Get Lucky Now!

Get Lucky Now! The Seven Secrets of Lucky People presents simple yet extraordinary strategies for listening to your intuition. Unscrambling complex issues into easy-to-understand concepts, Simpson offers real-world examples and visionary action steps to tap into your sixth sense and manifest your grandest ambitions. And as soon as you know exactly who you are, what you want, and how to obtain your objectives, you’ll be able to forge your desired destiny.

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The 7 secrets of lucky people

Want good fortune to come knocking? Learn how to push open doors and take advantage of every opportunity.

Do you yearn to live the life you deserve? Surrounded by successful people and wonder why you’re not one of them? Are you straining to reach the top but unable to get traction? Best-selling author, internationally acclaimed mind coach, and TEDx speaker Dr. Stephen Simpson has helped professional poker players, entrepreneurs, and other luminaries hone their winning edge. Now he’s here to share his powerful techniques and mindset so you too can demystify and control the deceptive randomness of chance.

In Get Lucky Now!, you’ll discover:

  • How to truly determine your needs in life so you become the driver of your future
  • That uncovering opportunities around you means trusting your sixth sense and intuition
  • Ways to shift through inner chaos and sharpen your focus on all options
  • Methods to create goals, gain self-knowledge, and strengthen your chances for success
  • Visualization, mindfulness, random vs. purposeful, and much, much more!

Get Lucky Now! with this must-have motivator to jumpstart your great fortune. If you like engaging advice, beautiful messages, and take-charge plans, then you’ll love Dr. Stephen Simpson’s breath of fresh air.

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