The $447 Million Secrets of Sport

So you want to discover the most effective mind secrets to use in your favourite sport to take your game to at least the next level? Excellent, You will find many in this book.

Ability on its own has never been enough. The best athletes know that their secret weapon is the power of their mind, and have discovered how to unleash its massive potential. Their secrets earned them a whopping total of $447 million in just a single year. Now YOU will discover the secrets of success used by our top athletes. Choose the secrets that most strongly resonate with you, and apply them IMMEDIATELY in your favourite sport. YOU will have more fun, and post better results. As an extra bonus you will delight in discovering that these secrets work just as well in the rest of your life too!



It is no surprise that;

  • Floyd Mayweather,
  • Tiger Woods.
  • LeBron James,
  • Roger Federer,
  • Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Peyton Manning,
  • Alex Rodriguez,
  • Fernando Alonso,
  • Mahendra Dhoni,
  • and Usain Bolt

have set so many records, and earned so much money.

It is because they have stretched their ability as far as it will go, using both ancient and modern mind secrets.

They are the top earners in the most popular sports of boxing, golf, basketball, tennis, soccer, American football, baseball, motorsport, cricket, and athletics.

Their secrets include confidence, setting power goals, the benefits of meditation and the zone, mastering control of emotions, how to make your own luck, developing awesome visualisation, the power of Zen, developing mindfulness, the importance of staying in the present, dealing with adversity, keeping things simple, forging a winning attitude, and why the best athletes are the happiest athletes.

Each chapter comprises two main sections.

– The first section paints a high level summary of each athlete, their main achievements, and suggests some of their possible secrets.
– The second section of each chapter examines the athlete’s main secret in more detail.

This includes compelling explanations of how your mind works, and why some techniques will be much more valuable to you than others. YOU will discover how to improve your skills in these vital areas, and how to start posting the scores that you deserve.