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  • Sky Interview 5 January
  • ITV Interview 6 January
  • Spotlight – Confidence – Live Event 19 January
  • Client finishes well again in tournament, reaching earnings of over $160,000 in just a month – February
  • Client wins tournament and $1,000,000 – March
  • Article Sunday People 16 March
  • Early Bird discount bookings now open for next live Confidence event
  • TV actor conquers audition phobia using Havening – March
  • European Tour golfer Anjelika Hammar joins team – April
  • Get Lucky Seminar confirmed – Triyoga, Chelsea, London – June 8th
  • Havening client conquers PTS following armed robbery – April
  • Used Havening as First Aid for severe drug withdrawal symptoms. Worked very well as a first intervention – April

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  • Medical Doctor and Elite Performance Expert.
  • I help people and organisations who are struggling to perform at their highest possible level to get LUCKY and make a lot more MONEY.
  • Works with both individuals and organisations. Clients include leading names from the world of sport, business, and the entertainment industries.
  • My mantra is MINDFULNESS for HEALTH, WEALTH, AND HAPPINESS. I have PROVEN personal success in all these areas, and expect my clients to achieve AT LEAST the same results too.
  • My methods are different, unique, fast, and produce OUTSTANDING results, even on occasions with long-lasting issues that have proven resistant to therapy.


One-Page Summary Of Your Personal Coaching Plan

If you can plan your future on just one page you are far more likely to achieve your goals. When you work with me this will be our page - ZONE SUMMARY. Contact me by email now to discover how we can make this work for you - doc@drstephensimpson.com

More Information

I work as an Elite Performance & Confidence Coach and use the latest psychological techniques, including NLP, self-hypnosis and meditation, to unlock your hidden potential. These leading edge techniques form the foundation of my accelerated learning system and have delivered outstanding results.  My methods are equally suited to elite performance in any arena, and my clients include leading names from the world of sport, business, fashion, television, art, and even poker.

‘So what exactly is an Elite Performance & Confidence Coach?’

The simple answer is that he or she is a personal coach that uses the most appropriate tools for you to unlock your hidden potential. To be the best that you can be.The result is that you achieve a lot more than you ever thought possible, and a lot easier than you had imagined too. By finding the zone, and then staying there longer.

The more difficult answer is that the coach is able to find ways past the barriers that your conscious mind has skilfully constructed over the years, usually with plenty of help from family, friends, and teachers. The result is a quieter mind that allows the hugely more powerful unconscious mind to speak. This is when you transcend to a higher level, and embrace elite performance.

You will have seen athletes, actors, musicians, poets, and dancers on television describing how they reached their personal best. When they describe the zone or elite performance some common factors emerge. They include,

        • Time distortion, either faster or slower
        • Unaware of the external world, other people, and noise
        • Little awareness of themselves, as if their body controls itself
        • Detachment from the many worries and frustrations of ordinary life
        • No judgement of self, others, or their performance
        • ‘Playing out of my mind’

During these moments almost all thought is unconscious, rather than conscious. This is why it feels easy. Anybody who has experienced the zone wants to experience it more often, and for it to last longer. To some it resembles in importance the search for the Holy Grail.

‘So do I have to change my personality to be an elite performer?’

Many people ask this question, and this time the answer is simple. No, you do not need to change your personality. All that is necessary is to find the real you, the relaxed confident you who knew how to laugh and play before other people started dumping their self-limiting beliefs on you.

That sounds too good to be true! How exactly do I find the real me?

It will not be by using more will power, more determination, and more hard work, although these resources are important when used in the right way. Elite performance is a result of experimenting with different approaches, and being brave enough to move out of your comfort zone, even if only slightly. My methods will be very different to anything you have tried before, and they have proven to be extremely effective. I rely upon both my foundation as a medical specialist and also my MBA business background. I have shamelessly taken the best from the frequently confusing world of psychology, hypnosis, meditation, Zen, NLP, philosophy, and even quantum physics. Not everyone will need to master ALL of these mind coaching secrets, but everyone will enjoy mastering at least ONE to propel their performance to the next level. One of the most common questions that clients ask me is,

‘How can I be more confident?’

This short 5-minute video demonstrates a simple technique for creating instant confidence for sport, a new project, exam, driving test, interview, or presentation at work – indeed any situation that has caused you stress in the past.

 Instant Confidence

Expand the hidden potential of your mind to unleash torrents of creative energy. Discover how to focus your awareness, stay in the present, and let the results take care of themselves. Then you will make your own luck.You can become an Online Member now – and it doesn’t cost a penny. Benefit from my leading edge coaching articles, free offers, newsletters, and much more. These valuable tools are guaranteed to raise your performance to at least the next level.
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