Two weeks after working with leading poker player Chris Moorman – his first Major – won $ 1,015,460

Chris Moorman Major

My clients include leading names from the world of sport, business, fashion, television, art, and professional poker. They make millions. The lucky ones are healthy and happy too. So what is their secret?

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 What if luck isn’t random?  What if you could actually learn how to be a luckier person? In this 2 minute video Dr. Simpson introduces the seven secrets that, when followed, can lead to abundant health, wealth, and happiness.



I am a Mind Coach, Hypnotist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

  • I help people like you become Luck  Magnets
  • Discover how to ignite skills you did not know you possessed
  • Attract more Health, Wealth, and Happiness
  • I have been fortunate to succeed in all these areas, and expect you to achieve at least the same results too.
  • I use the latest psychological techniques, including NLP, Hypnosis, HeartMath, Havening, and Meditation, to develop the state of Mindfulness to unlock your hidden potential.
  • These techniques form the foundation of my proven luck formula, are fast, and can produce outstanding results. They can work for lucky you too.
  • You own and take credit for your results. I am only the catalyst for your success.

Steve talks about Elite Performance and his clients’  recent results with TV presenter Tony Wrighton.

Recently I was interviewed by TV presenter and author Tony Wrighton about my work, and health, wealth, and vitality. Or was I interviewing Tony? Judge for yourself. 

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Steve filmed on Ladies European Tour, working with Anjelika Hammar – Golfing World Profile

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